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High Delivery Rate SMS China Gateway

Wish to have the best SMS China gateway to send and receive SMS online China via SMS Marketing ?
China SMS offers wide range of Reliable SMS solutions which include Bulk SMS and SMS Marketing
services to 20 different countries all around the world with SMS Marketing features!

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Send SMS to China

We provide very reliable SMS route to send SMS to China users. In fact this whole web site is designed for corporates to end SMS to China mobile phone users.

Our bulk SMS route is especially effective to send OTP (one time password) to China mobile phone users. There are thousand of corporates riding on our OTP to validate users, sending password via SMS to mobile or even PIN code via mobile phone.

SMS marketing is another effective way to get your marketing message to end user. By using our platform, you are able to reach all your subscribers in one click.

SMS API (application programming interface) is provided for developers to integrate the SMS capability into their system. Therefore, if you can use your current CRM (customers relationship management) system to send out SMS to reach your customers immediately.

If you need customization, please do contact us too.

Compose SMS China

Steps to send SMS to china

  1. Register at isms-china.com
  2. Login to member page
  3. Click compose SMS
  4. Put the destination numbers, separated by comma
  5. Put in the SMS messages (each message is 153 characters, if more will be counted as 2)
  6. Click "Send"
  7. Your recipients in china will receive it within minutes

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