SMS China is a fast and high quality Reliable SMS service with a high delivery rate when you send SMS to China. You can deliver your messages to customers quicker than ever before, much suitable for companies that require SMS Marketing.

SMS China Features

There are various benefits and advantages of SMS China for SMS Marketing. Below are some of the features:

Ultra Fast Send & Receive SMS Online China

Reliable SMS Delivery

Network Performance Guarantee

User-Friendly Web-Based Interface

Create Your Personal Phonebook

Create Unlimited Groups

Contact Large Number of Customers

Active in Real Time

Being Updated Constantly

API Compatible with All Platforms

No Content Filtering

Individual Messages Personalization

SMS Distribution Scheduling

SMS History & Delivery Reports

International Coverage

Comprehensive Support Team

Usage of Reliable SMS China Service

You can enhance your customer relations through SMS Marketing with these FIVE methods:

To Confirm

Send Premium SMS messages to specific consumers after an order, delivery or appointment

To Inform

Inform your customers about updates, upcoming events automatically

To Notify

Send SMS in real time as notifications to your clients, e.g. for prevention purposes

Collect Information

Gain feedbacks and reactions from your clients to improve your business

Secure Billing System

Your purchasers can make online payments on your website with a peace of mind

SMS China and Industries

SMS China is convenient for you if your company is providing fast and reliable sms services which need 100% uptime and instantaneous assurance and confirmation to your customers. Check out how SMS China can benefit the following industries.